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Strange emails

By Napa gnome ·
One of my email addresses (for recruiting) is being spammed to the tune of 100 messages a day. The "from" is all ASCII text, the message is repetitous ASCII characters and they all have web links to Korean web sites. This is driving my recruiter crazy. We are blocking some of the domains but some of them come from yahoo - we don't want to block that site. I have replied to a few of these to see if they were really people looking for jobs - always get back mailer daemons - no such address. Anyone heard of this?? Any solutions?? (other than changing the email address?)

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Once it is compromised...

by gralfus In reply to Strange emails

it is difficult to ever use the address again, unless it has good filtering capabilities. I have over a thousand rules set up to block the spam coming to me. I receive almost 99% spam, some days it is 100%. But with a business, I can't change it. I may opt for a web form instead of posting the address on the website, which is probably where most of the spam is coming from. I tried using a javascript that is supposed to mask the address, but I think that it doesn't work.

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Thanks - we do have a web form

by Napa gnome In reply to Once it is compromised...

I was concerned that was where it was coming from - although we do post this address in ads, too.

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report the offending

by Jaqui In reply to Strange emails

email addresses to yahoo.
forward the email in it's entirety to:

whichever ending yahoo domain, forward to spam@
yahoo will kill that email account.
so will netscape

if you check the full headers of the messages you often see a different email domain, and can trace the sender to thier real isp, then you can report to isp and government of the sender.

there are several organisations set up to charge spammers, most countries have them.
you can collect all the contact info for each country, then you only have to forward the offending emails to them.

spammers go to prison.

sounds like the best way to stop them doesn't it.

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