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Strange Explorer Behavior

By ratherbfishing ·
WIndows 2000 PRO Svc Pk 2. HP Vectra.

User started noticing strange behavior in Explorer. When the Explorer window is open, there is a steady "flicker" like a heart beat. The lower portion of the Explorer tree, like Network Places on down, flashes steadily, about every 1 second. There is a corrosponding CPU jump of 15% with every flash. Most irritating is when the user attmpts to use a drop down menu to select a drive or folder, the "flash" closes it before he can pick the drive or folder. When Explorer is closed, the behavior stops.

No new apps or system changes (to my knowledge!) were added to this PC before this started.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas?


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Strange Explorer Behavior

by maxwell edison In reply to Strange Explorer Behavior

This is due to a memory allocation problem in which Windows uses twice the total memory for Explorer because it thinks it's using two separate programs. As many people know, Explorer is both a Windows shell as well as a file manager. While this is agood design in terms of usability, its not so good when it comes to memory usage. Under normal usage, Explorer may take as much as 8 MB of vital RAM from your Win2000 system.

To solve this "integration" problem, you need to make Explorer run as two separate processes instead of one. To do this, run Regedit and go to:


Look for the "SeparateProcess" DWORD [REG_DWORD] Value. Change its value from 0 to 1.

After rebooting, Explorer will now run the shell and its file manager as two separate processes and will not try to allocate more memory than necessary."

Good luck,


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Strange Explorer Behavior

by ratherbfishing In reply to Strange Explorer Behavior

Thanks for answering. When we tried this explorer didn't work at all.

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Strange Explorer Behavior

by ratherbfishing In reply to Strange Explorer Behavior

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