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    Strange issue with network on PC

    by aaronyyy ·


    I tried posting this in other forums but I cannot, as the system will not let me tick the tags.

    I have been having a problem for the past few months, where my desktop connects to my home wifi, but the internet is extremely slow and spotty to the point of being unusable. It used to work perfectly.

    It seems the issue only occurs with this particular computer connected to this particular wifi connection. My router is working fine and I have other devices (phone, iPad, laptops, tv) connected to it working just fine.

    I have tried connecting my PC to my mobile phone’s hotspot and it works as well. I have managed to have a workaround by creating a guest profile on my router but this is annoying as I have to login through the browser every 24h.

    I have tried various things
    – resetting the router
    – resetting windows network settings
    – clearing internet explorer settings
    – clearing proxy settings
    – reinstalling wifi adapter drivers

    Another thing I have tried is booting in safe mode with networking, and the internet works just fine. Makes me think it is a software issue but I have no idea.

    Have done a full scan with kaspersky as well to no luck.

    Any ideas?

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      While missing all hardware details.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Strange issue with network on PC

      The tech will go out with a spare 100 foot cable to test it wired.
      Then we’ll check out the usual for distance (WiFi must be close and it does get worse over time.)

      If the distance is good at 20 or so feet the tech pulls out some USB WiFi and tests again.

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      The other thing to look at is the Setup of the Router

      by the master2 ·

      In reply to Strange issue with network on PC

      It may have hit the upper limit of Concurent WiFi Connections or not be releasing previous WiFi connections when that device is disconnected/turned off.

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      Virus scan

      by naheed mir ·

      In reply to Strange issue with network on PC

      If only your PC net is slow, I would suggest running a reliable virus scanner as
      you already have tried the available options. Moreover also checks on
      updates to any program that utilizes the Internet and the operating system.

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      A shot in the dark …

      by gerdd1 ·

      In reply to Strange issue with network on PC

      You don’t give us a lot of details, for instance about the Wifi channels in use.

      It could be, for instance, that your PC can only communicate on the 2.4 Ghz band and there is some congestion on there, possibly by your neighbors or some other radio interference. If all your other equipment can sidestep that by using the 5GHz band your PC would be the only item affected.

      Can you see if your router will give you the information about what channel/band your clients are connecting?

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