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Strange Logon problem

By jonno112 ·
A mate of mine brought his computer around and said he wanted it cleaned up and a login for himself and remove the other people that are in the profiles.

I removed two profiles and selected that at start up the welcome screen not show.

When i log on it goes to the Username and password screen (standard logon)then a message appears (below)

"The system could not log you on, make sure your username and domain are correct then type your password again"

There is no username or password entered.

When i enter the username and password for the user (there is presently no password) It gives the above message.

The only account that works from here is the admin account.If i go in and change the settings to use the welcome screen.

This error still comes up over the standard login, however it disappears and the
"windows is starting up screen" just sits there. So i hit CTRL ALT ESC and it brings me back to the standard login with the same error as above.

What have i done wrong?

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by smogmonster In reply to Strange Logon problem

Was the machine part of a domain? If it was, make it part of a workgroup instead, back up the users data and trash all the profiles axcept guest and admin. Create a new user for your mate and all should be OK. (no mention of Rugby World Cup or the ashes, Oh sorry I lied)

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by jonno112 In reply to

Did what you said removed the accounts and added new a new one from the manage section gave him admin rights shut down restarted same problem, from the standard login the user gets the same error as before.

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by jonno112 In reply to Strange Logon problem

Yes it was part of a domain, but it was taken off.

I will give what you sai a go.

Rugby and cricket next time we won't make it so easy(-:

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by lee.killner In reply to Strange Logon problem

Sounds to me like the PC is a little messed up. Firstly, try entering a password for the user and then logging in, it may be a corrupt SAM entry for that user.

You could also try changing the workgroup name, just to see if that kicks it back into life!

When you press CTRL ALT & DEL, do you have the 'Options' button? If so, what additional info is there? It may be that the 'Domain' box is empty (although it shouldn't be there at all). If it is there, set it to the PC's name and try logging in. I've seen this a few times after adding a machine to a domain, not after taking it off, but its worth a look! :)

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by jonno112 In reply to

The option of pressing CTRL ALT DEL does not come up even if i do enable it in the security policy. There is no domain option. The only account that works is the administrator account.

I don't know if i mentioned this, if i go in under admin the account and change the way users log in (welcome screen enabled), a couple of times the error pops up on the standard login then goes into the welcome screen and it allows you to log in. But it doesn't always do that.

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by jasonbis In reply to Strange Logon problem

Sounds like you have TweakUI installed? If it is it would be under start, programs, powertoys for Windows XP. Check if it's there. I don't have it installed so I don't know the exact location but you can use Tweak UI to log you in automatically. Open TweakUI and go to the LogON tab I think that's where it's at and uncheck automatically log on.

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by jonno112 In reply to

No i didn,t have Tweakui, however good call but not the problem.

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by jonno112 In reply to Strange Logon problem

I have just tried to do a re-install over the op system, this didn't work so now i am just doing a full install.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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by jonno112 In reply to Strange Logon problem

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