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Strange mouse behaviour specially in games

By jgatys ·
Well... I've just bought a new laptop Lenovo Y550 with Core2Duo (T6600) and GT 240M (1GB) and 4 GB RAM. It's fine for all modern games so there shouldn't be any performance issues, especially with ... MOUSE :-)

In all games I've tired to play (about 4) mouse has strange behaviour:
- Hangs during game play. I.E. in FPP games if you press W to go forward and move a mouse to look around mouse hangs and my person is moving strictly forward even if I'm moving a mouse. Then I have to relese W, press W again and use a mouse to look around. Then it works fine. FPS is from 60-120 so it has nothing to do with performance.
- In GTA4 I've figured out that looking around using mouse causes screen to rotate for about 30 degreess at time instead of doing it smoothly. Frames per second is about 30 so game works preety smooth and this issue has nothing to do with performace.
- This issue can be also observated in in-game menus when cursor is not going smooth for few seconds.

Trust me that this is not a normal lag of mouse as you know and makes playing using mouse almost inpossible in some cases.

I suppose that this issue has something to do with CPU load. When CPU load is full/almost full than mainboard/cpu ignores some signals from mouse so it doesn't work smooth. This is only my suggestion.

For a last resort about this issue I have to say that I was using the same mouse for a long time on other (older) laptop and on SAME GAMES had NEVER such issue.

My mouse is wireless with USB 2,4 GHz reciver.

What's wrong or what can cause such problem ?

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by Choppit In reply to Strange mouse behaviour s ...

Possibly an interference issue caused by cordless phones/WiFi/domestic video transmitters/microwave ovens etc...

Would also be worth checking if there are any updated drivers available for mouse/laptop

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I have a stupid question.

by Ron K. In reply to Strange mouse behaviour s ...

Have you tried another, non-wireless mouse?

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RE: Mouse

by PoppaTab In reply to Strange mouse behaviour s ...

A wireless mouse in most games, especially online games do not function well with it. I became a great target with a wireless mouse. I changed to wired mouse and was again able to play with success. So if you have a spare (wired) mouse laying around give it a try.

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Wireless / wired

by jgatys In reply to Strange mouse behaviour s ...

Thanks for your advice. I'll try some wired mouse soon and report back. I had same suspicous but didn't belive that.
One thing that worries me is why this mouse worked fine on other laptop on excacly same games.

Anyway... will report back.

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