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    Strange MS Word Printing Problem (Figures printed selectively)


    by ibm_space ·

    I printed a document that contains a lot of figures with MS word 2002. Some figures (bmp files i thought)were not printed and left blank in the papers.. other text and figures were fine.. Seem like word printed the figures selectively…
    i tried to reinstall printer driver but it wont work. my printer is canon ip1600.

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      Option not set?

      by gojints ·

      In reply to Strange MS Word Printing Problem (Figures printed selectively)

      Go to Print – select Options at the bottom of the dialogue box. Make sure Drawing Objects is checked under the second group of options – Include with Document.

      Are the graphics linked from somewhere else? If so, that may also cause a problem. There is help on this issue within Word itself. (It’s too long to add here.) Just hit F1 and type in Graphics won’t print and it should come up.

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