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Strange Problem

By dhorvath ·
I have a user with a windows 2000 machine behind their own Linkys Router. The problem is this. The router on the WAN side is set to obtain an IP address automatically. On the LAN side the router is a DHCP server handing out DHCP replies to the clients on it's LAN. The Linksys router seems to be functioning fine. Than one day the clients behind the router could not access the internet. I had the user power cycle the router and release the ip address. This did not work. I removed the ip address from the WAN DHCP scope and the router kept getting the same IP. Finally I made this particular IP a reserved address to a bogus MAC and had the user power cycle and release the IP. The user also reset the router to default factory settings. The linksys router obtained a different IP address and everything worked. Is there any reason that anyone knows of why this would happen? I am thinking that it is a problem with the Linksys router, but strangely enough when this problem was occurning he was able to ping by IP address other users on the subnet on the WAN side. Any ideas? Thanks

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