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strange redirection

By john.a.wills ·
I entered in Netscape's address windowlet and landed in a search engine with an unrememberable url. After a couple of clicks this heroic - self-sytled - search engine got me to alibris, but I would have preferred to get there directly. I tried with a few other urls, but only alibris got me the heroic search engine. I closed Netscape and tried on IE, where everything went fine. Then I restarted Netscape and the problem was gone. What kind of virus or spyware might this have been? I have Norton antivirus and Windows firewall.

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by lhatcher In reply to strange redirection

Sounds like you have a browser hijacker.
Download and run, Adaware from, Spybot S&amp from The are both free. Hope this helps.

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half done

by john.a.wills In reply to Spyware

I have installed Adaware and it at once found 28 critical objects, which I had quarantined. But it is not free. Is there any reason to have both Adaware and Spybot on my PC? They seem to do the same thing. I do not have two sets of AV software.

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Both needed +

by ctrservices In reply to half done

Delete all quaranteened objects from Adaware and then rescan to make sure it finds nothing new (and yes, you do need both programs since they each look for different things). Then download Spybot and update it, scan, delete anything it detects, and then rescan with Spybot to make sure it finds nothing else on the second scan. Also, if you have Win XP, download, update and scan with Microsoft AntiSpyware. You need two anti-spyware programs which will work together (plus Adaware), since there is no single program out there which will pick up every threat.

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Both needed

by lhatcher In reply to half done

You dont technically need both, but it is quite common to have one antispyware program get nothing on a scan and then the other come up with several pieces of spyware. These are both free downloads, so go ahead and load them up.

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I know what problem you have, but not quite what type.

by dbucyk In reply to strange redirection

Your computer is infected with a type of malware. Ad-Aware SE to clean your system, enable as much options as you can, just read through them and research. Once your system is clean, use ZoneAlarm.

Why you ask, Windows firewall is a joke. All stand-alone software is always better in detecting and preventing these sorts of problems.

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