strange result with copy/paste

By SystemCheck ·
I do a lot of pasting, i copy something then paste it like 150 times or so. recently while pasting say "A" then suddenly after about 30 paste it'll start pasting say "B" that someone else in the room coincidentally copied and pasted on their computer. Has any heard of this and if so why is it happening and is there a way to stop this? This is happening on more than one computer in a network of about 150 computers.

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Network clipboard?

by seanferd In reply to strange result with copy/ ...

If you don't want to trace the issue, use a clipboard app the keeps its own clipboard and doesn't use the Windows clipboard.

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Wireless Mice and Keyboards?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to strange result with copy/ ...

I've seen things like this happen when there are several Wireless Mice and Keyboards in use in close proximity. You get some Cross Talk between the different workstations and different inputs.

I used to love screwing with some people who insisted that Wireless was better because they didn't need any leads and watch them scratch their heads when this started happening.

They would insist on keeping prices down and then spend 15 times as much as they needed to on a Mouse & Keyboard.


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Reponse To Answer

by SystemCheck In reply to Wireless Mice and Keyboar ...

no both mouse and keyboard is usb

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Something to Try

by dogknees In reply to strange result with copy/ ...

Try it when no one else is touching a PC and see if it's still happening. This will tell you whether it's a network thing or something local to the PCs.

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Reponse To Answer

by SystemCheck In reply to Something to Try

ill have to try that tonight but so far this morning just me and one other person here, it hasn't happened yet.

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Dumb Answer!?

by anandriyer In reply to strange result with copy/ ...

Did you check if you are accidentally doing a Ctrl+C on some other text when trying to do Ctrl+V?
I know I do that a lot!!

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Reponse To Answer

by SystemCheck In reply to Dumb Answer!?

that wouldnt be possible cause im getting info pasted from someone 20 feet away on another pc.

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by JJFitz In reply to strange result with copy/ ...

This is a new one for me.
What application are you using when this occurs or does it occur in all applications?
Are you in a networked application when it happens?
If so, maybe the networked application might have its own clipboard that is superceding your local clipboard.

If you are in Windows XP, you can see what is in your clipboard by doing the following:
Click Start > Run > enter clipbrd.exe
This will open a window and show the current contents of clipboard.
Keep it open and you will see it change as you copy new contents.
If the contents are different from what CTRL-V puts out, your local clipboard is disabled and the application your are in is taking over.

Windows 7 does not haveclipbrd.exe but you can find it (Google it) and copy it to your system32 folder and run it from then on.

Hint: Make a clipbrd.exe shortuct so you can call it up quickly.

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Reponse To Answer

by SystemCheck In reply to questions

Its a network application call Sage Mas 200 4.4 on windows 7 pro 32 bit and according to my supervisor the application doesn't have it's own clipboard.

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Copy and Paste

by BBOSADEO In reply to strange result with copy/ ...

It new to me to hear such, but probably if your are using the kwyboard to copy and paste then it might have a prolem, try using another key.
And you are using the mice to copy and paste then may be the application might be corrupted some how, possibly there might be a trojan affecting your network,

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