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Strange things with one user

By zlitocook ·
Back ground, user was on another network, profile is at least fours years old that was when they migrated from what I think was a UNIX server. We are on Server 2003 all servers are fully patched, all workstations are brand new HP 5100, one gig memory, 80 gig hard drives, XP Pro SP1/W parts of SP2 installed. Office 2003 and almost all other apps. are web based.

Here is the user?s problem from any Office program, Word, Excel ECT. If he tries to use send to mail recipient it errors out saying can not send to mail recipient and locks up. He has to use task manager to close the Office program. But if he uses Outlook 2003 and attaches the document fine. This happened to him before he was moved to this floor.

Second problem this did not happen at his last location. He uses a Palm Zaire 71 (I have the same one with no problems) I installed the software by using run as; the workstations are locked down per GP.
It worked great the first month but one day he called me saying the Palm would not sync, I looked and none of the icons were there for the Palm. But the program was listed in add/remove programs and it was in c:\programs. I removed the Palm software and reinstalled, about a week later it happened a second time. I called the network team and told them what was happening and I suspected his profile was going corrupt. They checked and told me it has to be a bad install but nothing about him not being able to send email from with in office programs.
So I completely remove the Palm software and all registry entrees and there were allot of those. The last time it worked but the next day the software was gone from his login. I down loaded the newest software from Palm and installed it; oh we use Websence for internet and Norton corp. I scanned his computer with Root kit reviler, Spybot and five or six other programs. If I log into his computer I see all the Palm Icons and have no problem with it.

I have defragged, scandisk and thinking maybe his profile on th

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Strange things with one u ...

Well out of curiosity have you tried creating another profile with the same rights as his existing ones and see what happens?

This is the second time that I've heard of a program disappearing from a 2003 Domain the last one was written in VB for .NET and I put it down to bad programing but this sounds too similar to not be worth the effort to look into.

Lets know if that was any help and what if anything else happens.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Well you could always try reinstalling Office which might cure the Office problem.

Where any of the new Office Patches applied before this problem started happening? If so that might be your answer there have been a lot of Security Issues with Office recently. This may even be a new Security Feature but if that was the case I'm sure you would be seeing it on other computers as well.

Have you tried doing as this user does on another computer in that domain? It might be something new brought about by MS or it could be nothing more than a Patch Gone Wrong. Or maybe even something related to a Patch change causing unforseen problems with AD.

But I'm not sure of what you can do about the loss of the program for the Palm.

Lets know how you get on


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

That sounds good but I don't think that this problem will take months to reproduce if it happens at all. If the new computer is fully patched you should know now if this user is going to have the same problems in Word as he was previously experiencing.

I'm taking it that the user had a different machine when they where moved about 4 months ago so if that's the case it should happen very quickly if it's going to happen at all.

Of course the operative word here is Should I personally gave up years ago trying to understand why Windows does as it does I just accept it and try to find a work around.

Personally I would give it about 1 week to see if the unit is working properly and if there are no problems I would then install his Palm and see what if anything happens.

In the mean time I would be taking a very close look at the old unit to see what is loaded on it and test for any potential problems. It could always be a Hardware Problem that is causing your current problem.

Start off by removing a cover and cleaning it out and then go to town on it Check Everything and then start looking at the software load to see if there is anything there that could be causing the problem.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I've used The Ultimate Boot CD quite often to perform Heavy Load Hardware Tests and as some of these are open ended you can leave it run till it stops or you get sick & tired of looking at it with me that generally takes about 3 days but make sure that's it's on a UPS so that it will be safe while you are away from work.

Also check the PS Fan as if it's running slow it could be allowing the PS parts to get too hot and be causing problems if it's noisy when you start it up after a few days of not being run replace the PS without a second thought.

But otherwise I'm at a loss as to why this is happening the above is all fairly obvious stuff but worth checking none the less and also check any of the sockets on the back of the computer to see if they are full of dust & CRUD that could be contributing to the problem but I really think that you have a Software Incompatibility here and they are not easy to chase down.


I hope that is of some use


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Zlito why can't you be like everyone else and ask An Easy Question?

Well the good news is that you've defiantly ruled out the Hardware and most likely the Software load so what are you left with?

The User is about all you have to play with here provided that he's on the same user profile as others on the Domain it should be working correctly so what's different here?

I think that you are going to have go looking here and dig deep as well. I suppose the only Good News here is that you didn't have to wait long for a recurrence of the problem but I'm personally betting that the solution is going to take far longer.

Well if you can't laugh when you have major unexplained problems you'll go crazy.

If I remember correctly this was a problem that this user had previously before they where moved into your sphere of responsibility is it possible to ask the Tech/Admin who was responsible for this user previously what if anything that they did to try to correct the problem?

Other than what you are currently doing I really can't think of anything else, seems that you've covered the basics and some of the more advanced stuff with no effect so all you have left is looking at the way that this user works and how the Domain is allowing them to work.

I know that's no help but I don't know what else to suggest.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

OK you've got a partial solution which certainly isn't the best solution as it will allow this user to install applications as they see fit and well it just doesn't bar thinking about does it?

I'm taking it for granted that you had him installed as a Power User previously right?

Now what is the difference between a Power User and an Admin User on the AD or GP where you are?

You have to have something in one of those causing the problem here but why not anywhere else? What is different with this user that makes him different from every other user on that floor?

Once yo find that out you'll have your answer though I'm dammed if I know what it will be. But on the up side with this user running as Admin they can only adversely affect their own desktop as the AD & GP's should prevent any movement of anything nasty that they pickup. Even your Corporate AV Scanner should prevent the spread of any nasties so it might not be such a bad idea to leave them running like that in this instance, though it wouldn't be my first choice but it may be your only alternative.

I know that's not much help to you as it's more questions than answers but without knowing the situation that's all I can offer you as the answer has to be somewhere in that lot of questions.

It all falls back to the original question what is so different with this user that causes the network to behave like this with just him?

I'd go out and find a Solid Brick Wall and bash my head against it for a while at least that way you know that when you stop the pain in your head is going to stop increasing in strength. :^0

But otherwise I don't know what else to suggest it has to be something in the Domain that is causing this problem though I'm dammed if I know what it is. You'll probably find a long forgotten Group Policy that is causing the problem but without knowing what is used I'm sorry but I don't know what else to suggest.

Best of luck in finding a solution.


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by zlitocook In reply to

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by zlitocook In reply to Strange things with one u ...

Thanks Hal but that is the last thing I want to try. I have done this before and it played heck with the users email, documents and security settings. I was hoping it was the local profile, we do not have roaming profiles.

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by zlitocook In reply to Strange things with one u ...

Thanks Hal I did remove Office twice. Once by add/remove and then a compleat removal, registry entries and folders.Monday I am going to request that his profile be moved to an in the active directory for disabled profiles. And a new one be made, if that dose not work I will requset he be moved to house keeping :)

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by zlitocook In reply to Strange things with one u ...

I have now set up a test computer for him, it is a brand new computer and a fresh image. I had him log into it and lock the computer. I am monitoring the computer and his profile in AD and it is a base install no other software installed. I will let updates and patches install for the next few days and then have him try to send from office programs to email.

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