Strange User Account Problem

By Who Am I Really ·
I inherited this lonely old Win2k work station from where I work.
The IT dude pulled it out of service, and because some staff kept pulling it off the storage shelf and setting it up, the boss said to me "do whatever you want with it, just get it out of here"

So I took it home and stripped it of unnecessary installed junk, bloat-ware, etc. jacked up the RAM installed a second HDD, a PCI USB2 card and put it in service on my home network as a backup file server, (after stripping it's not bad for a Celeron 500)

I changed all the User Account passwords [Net User ...] had a bugger of a time with the domain admin account on the machine since when I set it up again it wasn't attached to the original domain, but that seems to be resolved.

The major problem is with the limited account on the machine, all my other 2K boxes flip out at me when I try and do admin. tasks from within the limited account, this particular machine however doesn't care, no matter what account I use whether limited, power user, admin, or "default admin" I can do anything I want.

Normally, under a limited account; setting the time, running Defrag, installing programs, changing power options, etc. is prohibited, except on this machine, for some strange reason security settings are ignored.

Any ideas on how to correct this, (except re-install, I don't have any disks for the machine);
I normally start the system with the limited account because it's just sitting there while I work on my main machine and just push or pull files to or from it when I need to, and only start an admin account for patch Tuesday, or to run a full system scan or other updates , which seems to be the only thing that still recognizes the Limited Account.

Even Firefox in the Limited account is allowed to check for updates and apply it if any are found. (but not on any of my other machines, 4x XP, & 3x Win 2K)

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I see that I have to answer my own post

by Who Am I Really In reply to Strange User Account Prob ...


I found the cause;
it was in the user accounts, (control panel)

somehow the "Everyone Group" got added into the "Administrators Group"

funny how windows allows adding groups to groups

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Not really funny

by IC-IT In reply to I see that I have to answ ...

It sure makes it easier to manage especially on a Domain.
I can create a Group add that to the local machines administrators Group.
Then when personnel depart, I only need to correct the Security Group's membership and it takes effect on a 1000 machines.

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but the "Everyone Group" . . . "-?-"

by Who Am I Really In reply to Not really funny

don't you think that's just a bit dangerous,
allowing the "Everyone Group" to be added to the Administrators Group should send up giant security hole flags everywhere,
I create limited accounts because I want limited accounts not because I want limited accounts that appear as limited in name only, and still have full administrative priv.

sure it can be handy when creating specific groups with specific access priv. etc. but adding everyone to admin.

I'm gonna test something next time I get a chance,
I'm going to see if I can add the Guests Group to the Administrators Group and see what effect it has on the Guest account.

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