Strange wireless intermittent problem

By warlord2025 ·
To start: NO VIRUS, SPYWARE, or MALWARE, is on my computer.

I am connected to Belkin Wireless G router via a Dell Vista Premium laptop. My main computer, a desktop with XP, and lastly, my Wii.

I've disconected the Wii, the Desktop, reset IPs, reinstalled software, reset the router, removed and added different kinds of security, and nothing changes.

Both of my wireless devices remain connected, but seem to suffer some data loss. It isn't noticeable when just doing regular web surfing. However I cannot fully download, or keep connected to games that require a constant data flow.

I'm thinking its the router, but before I return it I thought I'd ask if there was something I could do.

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2 suggestions

by The Scummy One In reply to Strange wireless intermit ...

pump up the power on the router, or move it.
likely there is interference happening.

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Got a cordless phone?

by Tig2 In reply to 2 suggestions

That can cause all kinds of trouble. As I learned from Pond Scum!

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yup, 2.4 Ghz phones

by The Scummy One In reply to Got a cordless phone?

are a big problem. BlueTooth can affect it as well, along with some major appliances (microwave for one), signal reflections or absorption, neighbors wifi overpowering, etc., etc..

The easiest way to troubleshoot is first move the router and/or pump up the power if you dont know what to look for in interference.
or, actually, moving the workstation to see where dead spots are located. This is another good tool.

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by warlord2025 In reply to yup, 2.4 Ghz phones

I have both a cordless with 2.4ghz, and a microwave (that i don't use), and 2 other neighbors with wifi that I can sometimes pick up. That of course depends on weather conditions.

However, even when I'm right next to it I still suffer the same problem. I had also did a wire connection between my laptop and the router after my original post. I still had problems.

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Try unpowering appliances and phones one at a time

by DadsPad In reply to 2 suggestions

to see if interference is the problem.

I us 5.8 cordless phones because of interference.

If all else fails, contact your internet provider. I have cured problems in the past with noise on the imcoming lines. With the high speed we are using for internet connections,nos, it doesn't take as much noise as it did with the old modem connections.

edited because I still can't spell

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by warlord2025 In reply to Try unpowering appliances ...


Thats alright, neither can my dad.

I'll have to give them a call. If there is noise on the phone line, wouldn't I experience the same problem through the dsl modem when connected directly to it?

Perhaps belkin doesn't handle the noise as well as a computer does when it is directly connected to the modem?

Either way, I'll probably just go back to linksys, its only $10 more, or I can pick up the Belkin wireless nimo for $10 more.

Not sure, my wife likes belkin, I like linksys. I like hp, she likes dells.

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communication channel

by eduardo (PT) In reply to Strange wireless intermit ...

Besides the problems of interference caused by cordless phones, microwave ovens, electric instalations (sockets and stuff), there is another thing you may try:
Some routers allow you to configure the communication channel (or Working Channel), so if this is the case, try to switch to another communication channel to see if that works.

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Thank You

by warlord2025 In reply to Strange wireless intermit ...

Just saying thanks for all your help. Turns out it was simply put, the router. I returned it and picked up a D-link wireless N. Its beautiful, and runs very nicely. I'd reccomend over a Linksys, which costs almost twice as much and its only a G, and belkin. . .well I've just never had luck with it.

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