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Strange working while connected Dial-up

By ionel_sandu ·
I have a Dial-up connection; I changed my ISP at July, 1, 2001 and I'm very satisfied (compared to the former ISP). at July, 16 I've installed a kit of Microsoft Office XP (licensed), with voice recognition and handwriting recognition features. As Iknow, installing Office XP on Windows 98 Second Edition (my OS version) begins with installing some components of Windows XP.
So, now the behaviour is as follows: the hard disk which hosts the OS works alll the time; my line have frequent disconnections, which are reported on the account of the peer modem (is that the modem of my ISP?); during the connections, there are extremely frequent timeouts, like I have a pulsatory connection.
I think all this is because the components Windows XP installed by Office XP. I wish to reinstall my Windows 98 SE, but I fear I'll need to reinstall Office XP; what will be behaviour of that damned Activation Procedure? (I like Office XP, so I wish to use it normally).
Does someone know something about this behaviour of the Windows OS ?

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Strange working while connected Dial-up

by oskiller In reply to Strange working while con ...

Oddball situation, but I assume you have defragged your hard drive etc since doing this. You could be paging excessively which can sometimes cause strange problems, including disconnects.

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Strange working while connected Dial-up

by ionel_sandu In reply to Strange working while con ...

I solved the problem purely by chance.
Trying to free space on my hard-disks, I noticed a folder which I was not creating, something like 'MS Office Search Indexing Services'. I tried to see what mean the files in that folder, but I failed, becausethe OS denied my access to some of the files.
I ran again the Office XP setup (which I have precedently installed fully) and I noticed an option whose name was similar to the name of the folder. I disabled the option, finished the setup and... the ghost which was working furiously on my hard-disks disappeared.
I don't use frequently the searching in folders and in files, so I don't need this service to be very quick.
This Search Indexing Service was using the memory, may be without freeing it, so the Dial-up used - I think - the memory-disk traffic, so it created time-outs, so I was frequently disconnected.
Anyway, I'm free of the strange behaviour I've reported.
So, be careful !

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