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Strategy, Tactics & Logistics

By TTate ·
I have heard that many management methods can be traced to military origins. You have Strategy (what battles to fight), Tactics (how you fight those selected battles, and Logistics (what you use to fight those selected battles). Is there anything else that should be considered? Or, is there another way to summarize management's role?

Thanks for any responses.

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Management's Role

by JayHP In reply to Strategy, Tactics & Logis ...

The military analogy can be useful to illustrate some of what management is about, but can't be taken too far. For instance, part of management's role is to decide whether the organization is in the business of "fighting battles", or if something like "diplomacy" might be better for the interests of the business. So a decision to merge or acquire a competitor may not fit within the analogy. Strategy/tactic/logistics may be helpful in explaining the role of planning, but leaves many other thingsout. Leadership is a big one; resource management,financial management, business intelligence are others.
Overall, I'd say the role of management is to define the goals for success (for both the investors and the employees), identify the means to achieve those goals (resources, investment, processes, systems), implement and operate those means, adjust the plans and activities as circumstances change, and clearly communicate (all the time to everyone) the purposes for all investments, decisionsand activities.

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Things not necessarily left out...

by TTate In reply to Management's Role

You say:

"...leaves many other things out. Leadership is a big one; resource management,financial management, business intelligence are others."

I think that the three areas I mention cover each of the items you refer to:

Leadership - strategy, tactics & logistics all require different leadership viewpoints & responsibilities. These areas won't succeed without key leadership abilities and responsibilities.

Resource management - same as logistics.

Financial management - same as logistics. You can't move things, add people or resources unless the money is there.

Business intelligence - I think this is fulfilled in the same manner as leadership. There's a different "flavor" of business intelligence required for each of the three (strategy, tactics, logistics) to be successful, just as there is a different type of leader/manager required.

I was never referring to using these three roles or skillsets as having to only do with militaristic methods or attitudes. I am just trying to understand if there are other roles that management should embrace and be cognizant of. Diplomacy & tact is always a part of strategy! You can win wars without firing a shot with the right strategy. Same with IS, you can win technology battles sometimes without making changes in what you have by strategic maneuvering (diplomacy & tact).

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