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    Stream 12 Cameras to 2 distant TV’s

    by ykhamal ·

    Hey everyone,

    I’m trying to stream 12 IP cameras to 2 seperate (distant) tv screens, that dont have access to an ethernet cable. I tried using a raspberry pi and sending smtp streams to it but 12 cameras is 2 much for the raspi to handle.

    My other idea was to maybe use an NVR with a hdmi splitter and two receivers/transmitters, this is however quite an expensive solution.

    Yet another idea would be to have 2 wireless NVR’s next to the tv’s. I would prefer not to have this.

    Any ideas or help is appreciated!

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      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Stream 12 Cameras to 2 distant TV’s

      This is something I’ve worked on from the design and engineering side, not the DEPLOYMENT side. Engineer of the DVR and NVRs.

      12 IP cameras is a heavy load at about 4 frames per second as the computer (either some PC/Raspberry or NVR) has to get frames from each and make one big screen with the usual 3×4 (12) camera array.

      I can’t know what your thoughts are here but for most surveillance no one watches cameras today. Maybe one or two cameras per security guard for them to look if there is movement with a computer watching for MOTION.

      There are nice cheap 8 channel NVRs that don’t cost much such as but you’ll have to seek out that 12 channel. Frankly I’d not put this into a single NVR as the processing load will mean quite a low frame rate.

      As to the HDMI link I would never do that but put a PC at the other end with the usual Powerline Ethernet Link (that’s under 99 bucks here) or just run the Ethernet. Since these units go to your network, most of us will have WiFi which means the PC that connects to the TV can use that as well.

      -> I’ve seen this sort of request far too many times. It’s solvable but most of the time the client’s budget is too low. You have to nod and walk away.

      Wrapping up. This is solvable but YOU have to find the products, accept if it’s cost effective and meets your goals. You could also get a quote from the usual CCTV installers but that is usually double or more than a DIY solution.

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