Stream audio from Sony Bravia Smart TV to iPhone

By larryroth@_oz ·
I have a Sony Bravia Smart TV KDL-40EX720 connected to my home WiFi network. I was wondering if there was any way to stream the audio from the TV to my iPhone 4. The reason why I want to do this is to listen to the TV audio through headphones connected to my iPhone.



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It would be more logical to connect blue-tooth headphones directly to TV

by robo_dev In reply to Stream audio from Sony Br ...

There are a million solutions to use the iPhone as an audio source, but very few solutions to enable you to input audio into the phone.

Simply connecting wireless headphones to the TV would be sooo much simpler, cheaper, etc.

There are also AV repeaters, that could send the audio signal across the room, so you then plug your headphones in next to the easy chair, into the repeater (AV-image, $150 at WalMart).

The only way to get audio INTO the phone is thru a guitar interface which can port audio into the phone through a 3.5" mini jack, then you would need to connect a long wire to your TV to get the TV audio source to connect to the interface (IK Multimedia iRig Audio Interface Adapter For iPhone / iPod / iPad $39)

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Audio streaming from TV, that would be a cool feature for any TV

by BigBrotha In reply to Stream audio from Sony Br ...

There are many reasons why you would like to redirect the tv Sound only to a differential device.
The classic one is you don't want loud Tv in the Room to Not disturb neighbors, sleeping baby or wife's!
it mighty bei "easier" to connect another audio System to your tv which handels Wireless audio, but it is definitely much more expensive

On the other hand I have all the hardware components already so all it needs is the Software !
The TV needs a software which streams the audio in to the network. The iPhone an app which connects to this stream to play it.
Partially the problem is solved by apps that create streaming server for macs or PC and then an app either with prioritary format or there are apps which convert the iPhone to an airplay speaker.
But so far this needs an jail broken iPhone and some skills in unix

If not someone makes an app for the tv that streams the sound, you need to hook up a device to the Tv which does that for you. And then robo_dev is right it is easier and cheaper to just buy an wireless headphone.

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This subject is leaping to importance for hearing aid users

by Craig Wellman In reply to Stream audio from Sony Br ...

The announcement that ReSound hearing aids can be bluetooth connected to an iPhone is a big deal for hearing aid users. Hearing aids are custom tuned for individual hearing loss, so transmitting audio signals from TVs and auditorium PA systems to iphones to hearing aids will become very popular.

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