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    Streaming audio


    by third_sun ·

    I’m quite new to VB. So, after making the client connected to the server, how am I suppose to stream audio to the client? Is there any other way besides mapping the network drive?

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      by anua77 ·

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      The SpeechStudio TAPI Control is an ActiveX control that connects SAPI 5 text-to-speech (TTS) and speech recognition (SR) audio streams to telephony devices supported by TAPI. The control is designed to be accessed from any language that supports COM automation, including Visual Basic and Visual C++. It works with all versions of Windows that support SAPI 5 and with all versions of TAPI, although some methods are only relevant for clients using TAPI version 3.

      With this interface, associating a TAPI device with an audio stream is a two-step process:

      1. Get the device identifier for the TAPI device.

      2. Create a SAPI 5 audio stream for the device. The TAPI Control will automatically initialize the audio stream with an audio format supported by both the device and SAPI.

      For a TAPI version 3 client, call GetDeviceIDWaveIn or GetDeviceIDWaveOut to get the device identifier. Clients of older versions of TAPI can call the TAPI function lineGetID to get the device identifier.

      To create the SAPI 5 audio stream, call the CreateInputStream or CreateOutputStream method. This method returns an audio stream object that SAPI can use to do TTS or speech recognition.

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