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Streaming Audio

By bldsm ·
A friend listens to streaming audio at work from a Radio Station in the US and wonders in 8 hrs how many MBs of data he uses. Is there a formula to work this out or another means of finding out download MBs?

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Depends on the format used

by mjd420nova In reply to Streaming Audio

I record lots of streamed music from many sources, and it mostly depends on the format used and files types used. I save everything in 24 bit .WAV format at 44Khz stereo, PCM and it uses around 10 to 12 MB for every minute recorded. These can also be ripped to MP3 type files and take up about one quarter of the space. Depending on your preference for space saving or content saving those are the two most common formats.

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the size of data flowing from this site

by bldsm In reply to Streaming Audio

it doesn't say what format it is - is there a standard for on-line radio stations?


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