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    streaming media stops midway


    by branscoset ·

    it seems like every video/song i try and watch or listen to on like youtube ,myspace,all those video/music blog things… it stops like after 20 seconds of play
    and wont buffer any farther
    this bothers me intensly

    i have the highest dsl you can get in my part of the state so my videos should all load completely but they arent
    please help

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      by branscoset ·

      In reply to streaming media stops midway


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      streaming media

      by intune_333 ·

      In reply to streaming media stops midway

      I have the exact same problem and the highest cable speed available here. The problem just started and the only thing new is a wireless router. Could that cause it? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      something to try

      by kal_lmn ·

      In reply to streaming media stops midway

      I dont really know what to suggest, i would probably just update or install some stuff like direct x, active x, video card drivers, java, and update or install the player for the type of video your watching (ie your streaming a windows media file, so update windows media player). That, and i also experienced trouble streaming when i just had too many internet cookies, try beleting your browsing history through internet options.

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