Streamlabs OBS latency issue

By GreenFortGriot ·
I've been doing test streams on youtube using Streamlabs OBS. The issue im having is that whenever i add a source to a scene such as a picture/video/audio or any source, it runs smooth on my end but on the viewer end, there's a very long delay (15-30 secs) before they see the new source. Hoping someone can help me with this. I've had this issue on my IMAC which is pretty powerful. So i'm certain it's not a CPU issue. i've tried many different settings in streamlabs & nothing has worked.
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Stream Latency

by bob1601081656 In reply to Streamlabs OBS latency is ...

In the setup for your stream, look for Stream latency and set it to low or Ultra low-latency. Depending on what you are doing ( gaming or just presenting ) is how you should set your latency.. Low-latency will give you approx. 10 to 15 seconds delay, where ultra low will give you almost zero to 5 seconds delay.. Problem with this is that if the the connection drops for a second the viewers stream will buffer .. I do a live presentation every month and I have mine set on low.. The delay is acceptable..
Hope that helps

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