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    strike f1 to retry reboot!?


    by appple ·

    now what do i do about this, i fixed the problem with the strike f1 to continue by striking f2 to enter setup, and followed this procedure “turn on scroll,num,capslock and hitting ALT-E, and ALT-F” that configured the IDE automatically, and it worked great, so after that i decided to install slackware, and now it wont let me get into windows, i deleted the linux partitions, and then formatted, but the problem is still there

    “strike f1 to retry reboot, strike f2 to enter setup”
    PLEASE HELP ME, my head is ready to explode!!

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      Reply To: strike f1 to retry reboot!?

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to strike f1 to retry reboot!?

      If you can see the hard disk when you autodetect, the problem is more likely to be software than hardware. Remember that you cannot usually boot a brand new hard disk until it has been partitioned and formatted.
      See if the disk will boot up. If it will not boot, then boot from a floppy boot disk and then use the FDISK command (or other partitioning software) to see if you can see the disk. If you can see the drive, continue here.
      If the drive will boot up, then you should be getting a more specific error message of some sort, or a more specific failure mode that you can use for troubleshooting. Look here for error messages.
      If the drive is detected in the BIOS setup but cannot be booted or accessed when booting from a floppy disk, then there is a good chance that the disk itself may be bad. I would, if possible, try connecting the hard disk to another system and see if the problem is present there as well. If so, I would contact technical support for the hard disk, because the drive may be bad. If the problem goes away, then there is something wrong with the setup in your PC that is causing the hard disk to misbehave. If you’ve exhausted other options, you may want to read through the troubleshooting section for when the drive cannot be detected. Some of the problem causes here can also be responsible for problems even when the drive can be seen by the BIOS, though they are less common in this situation.
      If the hard disk is dead and you have a concern about data on it, look here.

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      Reply To: strike f1 to retry reboot!?

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to strike f1 to retry reboot!?

      sounds like the boot sector has a hook message in it.

      reboot error means it was given a reboot flag that wasn’t removed.
      fdisk /mbr

      sys c:

      then you should be fine.

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      Reply To: strike f1 to retry reboot!?

      by ozi eagle ·

      In reply to strike f1 to retry reboot!?

      Do you have another drive on the same IDE cable?

      Check the jumpers on both.

      Disconnect the second drive

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