Strong wireless signal but no internet connection

By iamjcstuart ·
Old house, thick walls. Main wireless (network 1) working well but poor house coverage. Network 1 is using a brand new netgear dgn1000sp and WPA-PSK. I'm also using a TP-Link powerline ethernet adapter and an old netgear wireless router (DG834G v4) to set up a second wireless network (network 2) in furthest reaches of the house. Laptop and ipad (v1) connect fine to first network, but neither will connect to the internet on the second network. Both say that the signal is excellent and that they are connected to network 2, but neither are showing any internet access on network 2. I have set the security of network 2 to be WPA-PSK as well, but using a different username and password from network 1. What do I try now?

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So have you tried

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Strong wireless signal bu ...

Connecting some computer with wire to the Second Network to see if it has a Internet Connection?

If it's not working from that point you'll need to tell us how you have it connected and what it's connected to.


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Things to check

by Merlin the Wiz In reply to Strong wireless signal bu ...

What happens when you plug a WIRED computer into the second computer? Can you connect?
Things to check.
IP addresses. If both routers are connected to a switch or hub and then to your modem, They MUST have separate addresses. If one of your powerline adapters is connected to the first router, the second router MUST be in the subnet range of the first router. IE. first router second router
Most powerline adapters do not work when plugged into surge protector strips. You cannot have a surge protector strip on the same AC circuit as the powerline adapter. The surge protector filters the signal out.


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I am not being prompted for a wireless password on my ipad

by marimon In reply to Strong wireless signal bu ...

I show a strong wifi signal. I show I am connected to a wifi that does not have a lock in front of it. However that same wifi prompted me on my PC for a password (which I have) and I connected. The IPAD is not prompting me for the password and is not connected to the internet although I have the wifi bars on top. It connects me to that wifi automatically. I am sure I need a password to get to the internet connection. How do I get it to prompt me for the password?

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