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Struggle with pros and cons?

By Dan Walton ·
How many of us out there? We love our jobs in the IT field and we know we are good at what we do? I am confident in my abilities as an IT professional and I do not feel appreciated for the work I do. I just want to know if this is what I have to look forward to during the remainder of my career. I love working with computers, but the stress of working hard for peanuts while trying to advance skills seems almost not worth it. I'm trying to stick it out, but it's tough. Am I the only one that feels this way about the IT field as a whole (for youngsters fresh in the field) or am I missing something?

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by clearsmashdrop In reply to Struggle with pros and co ...

I changed careers from an entirely different field. This is my second IT job and I have a total of 21 months exp in IT.

My first job was for peanuts and I was fairly unhappy as we had to endure a lot of interefernce from mgmt and we were expected to run criticial systems on the cheapest of parts.

However, that changed over time and even though I still got paid peanuts I enjoyed my work.

Now, Im on my second job ( first one closed down) and Im pretty happy. The pay is much higher,the mgmt supports IT's needs, and we
make sure everything is running as smooth as possible.

In my experience, as short as it is, I think happiness in IT has less to do with the technology than the organization.

just my two cents

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