Stuck at 100Mbps but should be getting 1000Mbps

By Alexsappigeman ·
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Just received a new modem from my provider, which should provide me with 1Gbps download. Between the modem and my pc are 2 internet splitters that are also capable of 1Gbps. Am using cat 6 and cat 5e cables which should be fine.
I have already watched all the tutorials and nothing is working.
Connection speed of the network adapter says 1Gbps but online speedtest only give me around 90Mbps.

How do i fix this?? Also please explain in baby language cuz I'm bad at computers.
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You need to ......

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Stuck at 100Mbps but shou ... your internet provider to confirm that they are actually providing the speed you are paying for. You should identify who is providing service and the make/model of the modem. It is difficult to offer advice without more information. What type of computer (make/model) ? Apple or Windows ? What OS version ?

100 Mbps is very good compared to the maximum 10 Mbps that I get with CenturyLink at my house and is the maximum speed for my area.

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A test.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Stuck at 100Mbps but shou ...

To see where the drop is we connect directly to the ISP's gear and test.

From there we should know if it's an ISP thing to talk to them or it's our gear.

That said I find that about half the time the speed test sites pick the wrong speed test server. While I know this, not everyone else does. Again, for this test we can't use our "internet splitters."

PS. I don't know what an internet splitter so always tell us since I would be guessing. I'm just a seasoned networker that wrote code for routers in the 1990s.

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Let's tackle the problem of "should provide me with 1Gbps download."

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to A test.

That's untrue since few download servers can supply your connection that speed. Now you "might" approach that speed with a TORRENT but your test wasn't with a torrent.

Again, Speedtest jumped upwards when I manually selected a closer server.

And is one of the thousand prior discussions.

You left out details but hey, there is a test to do now.

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Another thing to remember....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Stuck at 100Mbps but shou ...

Internet speeds quoted by any internet provider are the highest speeds available but rarely the actual speeds achieved on a consistent basis. There are many factors that can affect your actual connection. Some factors can be tweaked by the provider but not always.

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