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Stuck in CD drive

By type8324 ·
I used Fdisk to create a new partition. It made the new one active and the one with my system software not active. My comp boots from CD and I can no longer access my harddrive or floppy. How can I get in to change anything??? help!!!

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by DeN inc. In reply to Stuck in CD drive

goto the boot setup. Change the configurations there.

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by NewITGuy In reply to Stuck in CD drive

I agree with the answer above and goto the setup menu when the computer first turns on. It is usually F2. Then change the boot order. Make sure your OS Hard Drive is jumpered as master and the other one is slave.

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by jdelgado In reply to Stuck in CD drive

It does sound like you need to change your boot order and that can be done from the BIOS. This webpage shows the keys you can push to get into bios depending on which you have.

Typically in the bios you will go to Advanced Setup and you should see 1st Boot Device 2nd...etc. Some BIOS however, like a gateway, has a whole section devoted to Booting. Goodluck

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by RCOM In reply to Stuck in CD drive

There are tools available to undo what you did.

You can try it first to see if it works then it's 30.00 to buy the fulll version.

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by Albert Franco II In reply to Stuck in CD drive

I disagree with the others...

You have correctly stated the boot order is not the problem. It is in fact that the new active partition on the hard drive does not have a system on it. Therefor, even if you block out all other boot devices in the BIOS your system will not start up.

You must get into FDISK and set the correct partition as active--period.

You can use a DOS style startup disk with the (correct) FDISK utility and fix the problem from there.

I said DOS style so that you understand that it won't start the graphics based OS, rather a command symbol environment.

Also, it must be the "correct" version for your disk format. Use a Win98 or WInXP startup disk for FAT16 and FAT32 formats, and a WinXP disk for NTFS formats. If you have Linux the process is different and depends on your setup--let me know if that's the case.

Also if there is any doubt that you have overwritten the system partition with the new one then you must recover the old partition. And that can be a real joy! There are programs available that do it really well. I have had several opportunities to prove that they work, thanks to people experimenting with their computers...

However it sounds from you description that you have seen two partitions. As long as you see two partitions then cahnge the active partition and that's that.

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by DenoDave In reply to Stuck in CD drive

Albert Franco II is correct. The system has the new (blank) partition marked as active and there is no O/S. That's why it's trying to boot from the CDR. Just mark the original partition as active and it should be fine.

A good idea is to make a backup of your MBR before doing things like this. The Maxtor MaxBlastIII software will allow you to create a MBR backup.

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