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Stuck mapped drives

By teke ·
An XP Work station has mapped drives that are labeled disconnected. When I use "net use H: /delete" it says that the drive is not present, but when I try "net use H: \\server\share" it says that the drive is already in use. Is there a way to remove these maps from the registry? I get this error no matter how I log in. I'm currently using batch files to do the mapping from a Win2000 SP4 server w/AD. I know VBS is more efficent, but such is life.

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by haileyan In reply to Stuck mapped drives

This is normal. Your workstations remember the mapped drives as persistent and it will always give a notice that they are already connected. What you need to do is an "@echo off" command at the beginning of your login script.

I recently rebuilt a few servers and gave them new names. Since I changed teh names of my file servers I made entries like this:
@echo off

REM *********************************************
REM ******** SYNC TIME TO SERVER **************
REM *********************************************

REM ** Set workstation time to server time
net time \\jX-exch /set /yes

REM *********************************************
REM ******* DRIVE MAPPINGS & ROUTES ************
REM *********************************************

REM ** REMOVE OLD Server Shares (From Upgrade to Win2K Server)
REM net use f: /DELETE
REM net use n: /DELETE
REM net use y: /DELETE
REM net use z: /DELETE

REM ** Connect drives to server shares
net use f: \\jX-file\apps
net use n: \\jX-file\clients
net use y: \\jX-file\users
net use z: \\jX-file\forms


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by haileyan In reply to

Of course the map statements for deleteing the old shares would not be REM'd out when active.

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by RCOM In reply to Stuck mapped drives

Disable simple file sharing.

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by Ian Hibberd In reply to Stuck mapped drives

We have the same problem,
The drives are being mapped via a logon \ machine startup script set into AD group policy. If the drives are mapped via a script in group policy the end user had no control over them they appear as disconnected for some reason but work fine and cannot be removed. We use a startup script to map the drives and a shutdown script to delete them its the only way to get rid of them.
If you map the drive using the via logon script in the users profile ie. AD users and computers then the user can disconnect or delete the drive.

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