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By JohnPeck ·
Hello Everyone,

I am a student in college looking to enhance my IT skills beyond the classroom. Would you, other IT pros, have any recommendations for me? I am looking for stuff I can do with little cost. I already have a CCNA and an A+ certification.

I also hold two positions on campus. At the first job, I maintain the server equipment in the number of data centers on campus. Anything from racking the servers to installing HBA's to troubleshooting some of the hardware problems. At the second job, I am a PHP/MySQL web developer in charge of implementing a new content management system for the rest of the college. From there I have picked up project management skills as I am the lead of a 6 person team working on the project.

I am looking for other recommended skills that would help my compete for a job once I am finally ready to leave school. I am also considering to become a life long student by attending CERIAS and staying within the academic environment by ultimately attaining a professorship.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be helpful. Thanks.

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Well you ahead of the game compared

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Student Career Developmen ...

to others who ask for help here. They don't usually look for experience until they need it.

Contributing to an open source project, putting together your own site, volunteer work, may be even a few bits and pieces for 'beer' money. Sort of depends on how much spare time you have.

Please spend some time in the real world before you become an IT professor, it's very different.

PS nice to see some people can get off their arse, instead of waiting for life to give them a handout because like several million others they have a piece of paper that says they are clever.

Keep at it 90% of success is attitude.

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If you like

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Student Career Developmen ...

'the academic field', do, please stay on. We need a few with an attitude like yours. Teachers can talk and talk, but - much like parents - what they do is what counts. Good teachers, with good attitudes, that provide good examples, are hard to find.

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