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Student needs help setting up network

By quickiekeiv ·
Okay, I have a school project. I need to set-up a 10 computer network. It must have a server and be connected to the internet. Is it okay to have all ten computers connected to one switch, and then the server also connects to the same switch. Then the switch will connect to the router which is connected to the internet. Also there are two printers connected to the switch. Is this okay and does it make sense??? Please help!!!

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Sounds ok!

by dazeboy79 In reply to Student needs help settin ...

You can have this setup as long as you have your server setup as a domain controller, which means you will need to install active directory for windows in order to make this a file and print server. You will need to setup the printers with a network share also so the other machines can find them when they log on to the domain. It sounds like you've got the gist of it anyhow, you should be able to set this up, use Google for more info. Let me know if I can help further.

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Depends on what the Server is to do here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Student needs help settin ...

If it's going to have something like ISA installed them you need to connect the Server to the Router and the Hub to the Server through the second LAN Port. That way the Server will control all access to the Internet and all access from the Net to the LAN.

It will also make securing the setup much cheaper as well.


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your on the right track

by dfenstermacher In reply to Student needs help settin ...

So far everything seems to be set up correctly, I don't know what os you are using for the server, but if it's windows , setup a dhcp server, dns server, and have everything get their ip's from that and you should be all set.

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by technogeek-1995 In reply to your on the right track

It might be cheaper to have
Internet>Router>4 port server>(A)Hub>computers(B)Hub>computers

NOTE: (A)connects to sever;(B) connects to sever
Run Windows 2003 on the server, set up DHCP {to assign IPS}, DNS Server, get the IP, the printers, and don't forget PROTECTION

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