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    Student version of Windows XP


    by luv2bike2 ·

    I have a user who paid for a computer that was built by a friend of his for home use. it has been a couple of years that he has had this computer. He only uses the computer for storing data on from his primary computer, he has never hooked it up to the internet. He believes that the version of XP is the Student copy and he is not sure if he was told by his friend if it was a legal copy or not. He wants to be able to hook this computer up to the internet and apply all the MS Updates and use it as a fall back to his primary computer. (his primary computer had the Windows XP Recovery virus). He asked if he connects the computer to the internet and XP is not a legal copy (which he hopes it is legal) will his system stop work or if it would just not apply the updates?
    I have not experience this situation so I could not give him an answer, but i would find out.
    Thank you.

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      If he owns the license

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Student version of Windows XP

      he should be fine, as long as he can validate.

      Note that he’ll be installing SP3 before he can get further updates, so it may be a fairly long update process, maybe with lots of rebooting.

      Good idea if he gets the latest drivers for his hardware in advance.

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      No such thing as a Student Copy of XP

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Student version of Windows XP

      There is however a Student Version of Microsoft Office.

      As for connecting to the Net he will need a working AV Product and ideally update it as soon as he logs onto the net before doing anything else.

      As for as if it’s a legit Copy of Windows when WGA [i]Windows Genuine Advantage[/i] is applied from the Windows Update Servers he will be told what he has and if it’s a Nongenuine Copy it may stop working immediately or it may take up to 30 days to stop logging into Windows.


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      that is what he is afraid of

      by luv2bike2 ·

      In reply to Student version of Windows XP

      if it is not a Genuine copy of XP and his system stops working.

      thanks for your responses. 🙂 I will pass the informaton on to him.

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