Student working to get a IT degree, but what certs. should i get?

By airsf4 ·
I know A+ is the starter certification that most everyone gets, but what should i get afterwords? I'm very interested in security, but it seems to me that you have to go through networking and then on to security which is fine with me seeing as networking is also very interesting to me.
Anyways my main question is, is an ideal certification path for me?
Thanks everyone for your help.

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need some help please

by airsf4 In reply to Student working to get a ...

please guys some help :)

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Try posting this as a Discussion.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to need some help please

Since your question is opinion-based, it's better suited as a Discussion. TR Questions are usually about subjects that have technical solutions.

Me, I think most certs are more valuable once you have some experience to back them up. A resume with a bunch of certs and no work history just shows you know how to pass test. As you gain some "real world" job experience, you may find the area you want to focus on. then you can get certified in that specialty. No sense going after a cert, get a job in that area, then learn you don't like it. Just one jerk's opinion.

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haha thanks for the input

by airsf4 In reply to Try posting this as a Dis ...

makes sense and so true.

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