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Student working to get a IT degree, but what certs. should i get?

By airsf4 ·
I know A+ is the starter certification that most everyone gets, but what should i get afterwards? I'm very interested in security, but it seems to me that you have to go through networking and then on to security which is fine with me seeing as networking is also very interesting to me.
Anyways my main question is, is an ideal certification path for me?
Thanks everyone for your help.

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First focus on FUNDAMENTALS and BUSINESS smarts

by mdhealy In reply to Student working to get a ...

As a student, I think your primary focus should be on what you want to learn rather than on certifications. Education in fundamental principles lasts a lot longer than training in current technology (which is what certificates mostly assess). In my case, for example, I first learned to code in FORTRAN with PUNCH CARDS. I haven't written a line of FORTRAN in over 20 years (now I mostly use Perl, Java, and SQL), but most of the basic principles I learned back then still apply.

New algorithms and data structures appear far less frequently than do new languages, platforms, etc. Linked lists, hash tables, arrays, numerical integration, sorting algorithms, regular expressions, indexing methods, etc., etc., still underlie the systems we build today as they did the systems I used over 25 years ago.

The best way I know to find out what you should be learning is to browse the MIT web site ( because they have put nearly all their courses on their website for anybody to study free. By spending some time there you can get an excellent idea what an MIT sophomore CS student is expected to know -- and you had better make sure you understand all of it reasonably well if you expect to be a serious IT professional for the long haul.

You should also obtain some business knowledge -- which I had to learn the hard way since my academic background was mostly science and technology. To compete with outsourcers in Beijing an Bangalore, you need something they cannot match, which in most cases means deep knowledge of some industry beyond just the IT aspects. You need to become sufficiently integrated with the business needs of your users that you'll be somebody they want to keep when they outsource the helpdesk and sysadmin functions to Bangalore.

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awesome thanks for the helpful insite

by airsf4 In reply to First focus on FUNDAMENTA ...

thanks for all the help. i really appreciate it.

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IT Job Market Stats

by cwilliams In reply to Student working to get a ...

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