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Students: we don't mean to be mean

By robo_dev ·
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If you are an IT student and you are 'stuck' on an issue, say so.

Please do not try to pretend that your textbook scenario, or even worse, your cut-and-pasted homework problem is a real-world issue or problem. You will get, at best a grudging and limited response, but more likely you will get a snarky lecture on the benefits of doing your own homework.

I was a student once (ages ago), and know it's not all fun.

A couple of requests though:

1) Use Google. Do not ask really basic questions like what Ping is, or what DNS is. Show us that we're helping you, not doing your work for you.

2) Think. Try to solve most of the problem, and ask about the finer points. There are many ideas that work great on paper, yet fail miserably in the real world.


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Okay, robo

by jck In reply to Students: we don't mean t ...

Who PM'ed you a stupid question? :^0

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and they don't even realize

by PurpleSkys In reply to Students: we don't mean t ...

that the majority of us can see right through all that text and recognize the fact that it's homework

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Not me, Purple

by jck In reply to and they don't even reali ...

I'm too dumb :^0

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soo True,

by markp24 In reply to Students: we don't mean t ...

I love to try and help people like the rest of everyone here, but i have to admit, i do get insulted when somone posts question that obivously a test book question, or how to hack into a computer, etc. If they say, hey guys, i have a tough homework question, can you give me some pointers, i would definitley assist, propably inadvertely answer it for

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Oh I mean it

by JamesRL In reply to Students: we don't mean t ...

I mean to be mean.

If someone states; here is the question, here is what I found through research, but I don't understand X, I'd be happy to help.

But these young whippersnappers alsways seem to just want the answer, not the knowledge. That isn't healthy IMNSHO.

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If you don't like this field enough to do your own work,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Students: we don't mean t ...

You're going to be miserable if you get a job in IT. The old saying was that whatever you learned in freshman year was obsolete when you graduated. Now it's more like obsolete halfway through your junior year. This field is too dynamic to expect to be professionally successful if you don't keep up. None of us can do it on our own any more, but you've got to demonstrate you've made an effort. Tell us what you've tried, what didn't work, what might have made a difference.

If you don't truly enjoy the research and problem solving that your homework involves, you need to seriously consider another field of study. I don't want to discourage anyone; I want to keep you from wasting time on a career choice that you won't enjoy.

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by .Martin. In reply to Students: we don't mean t ...
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Do Not Save

by NickNielsen In reply to wait,
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Thank goodness!

by .Martin. In reply to Do Not Save

I googled it, but didn't believe what it said.

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Oh noes...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Thank goodness!

I guess answering "Dubious Noodle Sandwich" on the test was a bad move...

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