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    Study: Glaring Inequities in IT Industry


    by washtech/cwa ·

    Study Highlights Glaring Inequities and Job Insecurity in Tech Industry

    Seattle, WA – Despite popular myths to the contrary, many high-tech workers get paid relatively low wages, and lack access to employer-provided benefits such as medical coverage. In addition, many workers often lack access to affordable training and face constant job insecurity.

    These are some of the findings of a new report, Disparities Within the Digital World: Realities of the New Economy, funded by the Ford Foundation, written by the King County Worker Center-AFL-CIO and published by the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers (WashTech). The study offers a snapshot of the high-tech industry in Washington State and debunks myths suggesting that perceived high wages always compensate workers for a lack of job security and benefits.

    “As a tech permatemp, I fear every work day will be my last day on the job. I face steep premiums to pay for health care, and the idea of employer paid training becomes an item on the holiday wish list,” said David Larsen (contract employee for four years). “I know that many workers today are facing these fears for the first time with the downturn, but for us this has been the reality even during the boom years.””The study dispels a lot of myths about high-tech workers, and demonstrates why we need representation on the job. Job security, access to training, and health care are the bread and butter issues facing new economy high-tech workers,” said Marcus Courtney, President of WashTech.

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