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    by nsteere ·

    Some potential client for our software asked me on an RFI:

    What stuffing is required to support the system post live?

    He does not seem to mean bit-stuffing..What the HELL is he %#$$^% talkin about??

    What the hell does he mean by this:?

    Is character-based ASCII output available as an optional output for any screen display?

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      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to STUFFING?????

      I believe he is asking what stAffing. In other words, after (post) your software (system) is put into production (live), how many people will it take to support it?

      Sorry, I don’t understand your 2nd question. Please try to explain what you mean and I’ll try to answer.


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      by deadly ernest ·

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      If the client did not mean staffing as previously suggested and if he does not mean what does he have to stuff in your hand to have regular support, I think you are stuffed.

      Better go back and ask him to explain.

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      by 1stladytech ·

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      I think what he is asking for in the second part is can you do screen shots to the printer?


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      by jennifer.gardner ·

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      In the second part, “character based ASCII output”… that’s just text, right? Is he possibly asking (in an extremely verbose manner) if he can get text output instead of graphical?

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      by nsteere ·

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