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Stupid NCAA 'bracket pool' question

By CharlieSpencer ·
International disclaimer: The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), the body that regulates college sports in the US, starts its national college basketball tournament today. Popularly known as "March Madness", the 64-team, single-elimination tournament is often the subject of office betting pools. Like other popular office pools, many of the participants may have only a passing knowledge of the game.

I don't follow college ball, have never worked where anyone runs a tournament bracket pool, and wouldn't play if I did. I've got a stupid question on how these work, strictly from a operational interest. What determines who wins the pool?

Say I pick the tournament winning team through its six games but get the entire rest of the bracket wrong. Say someone else picks all the games correctly except the final one. I picked the tournament winner, but he picked the most correct games. Do I win or does he? Or does it vary, determined by who's running the pool?

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Inexcusably blatant bump.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Stupid NCAA 'bracket pool ...
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I don't know about others

by Tink! In reply to Stupid NCAA 'bracket pool ...

but the ones I've seen assign points to each correct team like this:

Round 1 = 1 point (per correct team picked)
Round 2 = 2 points
Round 3 = 4 points
Round 4 = 8 points
Round 5 = 12 points
Round 6 (the Final) = 16 points

The points from each round are added up and whomever has the most wins.

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