stuttering on a DVD

By john.a.wills ·
I recently bought an HP DVD reader and connected it via my UBS port. I
downloaded Nero 7 demonstration edition and eventually got my DVDs
running. After a while the license expired and I downloaded and paid for
Nero 9. Now I get stuttering (momentary stopping) when I play a DVD, not all the time but
badly enough to make speech incomprehensible and often enough to make me
want to smash the monitor. I presume that Nero 9 is doing to my
operating system (Windows XP) or my drive something that Nero 7 didn't
do. Can you advise?

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I don't understand the connection between ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to stuttering on a DVD

Watching DVDs on your computer and having downloaded Nero 9.

What media program are you using for watching your DVDs?

I assume of course, that when you watch a DVD you are NOT still connected to the internet, which would account for all manner of other tasks taking up clock cycles.

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Nero 9 is my media program

by john.a.wills In reply to I don't understand the co ...

for DVDs. I am still connected to the Internet, but I will disconnect it the next time I try to view my DVD.

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I would advise against using Nero 9 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Nero 9 is my media progra ...

For simply viewing DVDs. The program is altogether far too chunky (using too many system resources) to be relied upon to be your DEFAULT media viewer.

As OH Smeg has already said, there is every possibility that Nero 9 is causing the stuttering itself, not least because it is so big and thereby doing so many other things simultaneously that are not required if all you want is to watch a film.

Depending on your system specification, Nero 9 might be the worst program you could choose for viewing films - indeed, the viewing of media is Nero 9's least renowned capability - most users relying on Nero for its burning functions alone.

I'd suggest you try using one of the media viewers with a much smaller system footprint, leaving far more processing power available for the video footage you are watching.

Try GOMPlayer or VLC.



*They're both FREE.

edited for *

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report on GOMPlayer and VLC

by john.a.wills In reply to I would advise against us ...

With GOMPlayer I get no sound. VLC stutters worse than Nero 9, even with the Internet disconnected. I have 224MB of RAM on a Pentium 4 cpu. I have 18 GB free on my hard drive.

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Here I'm assuming that you are playing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to stuttering on a DVD

The DVDs through Nero Media Player or Show Time to view them so did you remove the Old version of Nero before installing the new version.

If you didn't it is quite possible that there is a conflict occurring that is causing this problem and it is just as possible that some previously installed Software is causing a Conflict with 9 that didn't happen with 7.

Or if you have a Netbook with something like an Atom Processor it could be that the new version of Nero is too big for that CPU's ability to run that Program. Notebooks have very limited resources and if they do have Windows loaded it has to be the Home version with a minimal set of addin's. You can try increasing the amount of available RAM or go tot he OS of choice with Netbooks Linux and use that instead as if has a much smaller Footprint and doesn't cause problems like this to happen.


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I did remove Nero 7

by john.a.wills In reply to Here I'm assuming that yo ...

but after downloading Nero 9 (I assumed there would be an automatic clean-up of old versions, as there is with many downloads). I have no Netbook that I know of.

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