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Stuttering sound problem

By poncho1977 ·
A relative has a sound problem with his HP Pavilion 8766c. When both playing CDs in the CD ROM drive and listening to the audio portion of movie clips on the internet, the PC's sound develops a "stuttering" problem. It sounds like it stutters during the course of the playback, but not during the first 20 or 30 seconds. At first I thought it was the CD ROM drive, but his DVD drive and sound bites on internet sites do the same thing. I believe that we already re-loaded the sound driver. Thoughts?

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by willcomp In reply to Stuttering sound problem

1. Ensure audio cable from speakers is seated in jack.

2. Separate audio cable from power supply cables.

3. Try a different set of speakers. Quick and easy check although probably not the problem.

4. Disable on-board sound and install a PCI sound card.


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by ryfry9 In reply to Stuttering sound problem

Your problem may be power clipping. Check and see that there are no more processes (functions) demands on your computer. Ex: When there is no wireless network for my computer to find and I am playing music, it keeps looking and results in clipping. See that there are no reoccuring processes running (redundant dowhiles).

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by BobHo In reply to Stuttering sound problem

Did this just start happening or has this always been this way? If it just started, have you recently installed any new software (including updates)?

Go the the manufacturer's sites for your sound card and video adapter and get the latest drivers and install those for both.

Try again.



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by rindi1 In reply to Stuttering sound problem

Turn off any screensaver other than the Blank Screen Screensaver. Also add more RAM to your system and use msconfig (if you are using windows 98 or xp) to prevent unnecessary programs from starting at startup. You can also use your taskmanager (if you are using windows 2k or xp) to check your systemload. What playback program are you using? On certain programs you can see if it is always "buffering" when you are playing back media from the internet. This would suggest you have either a internet connection which is too slow for the stream you are trying to play or there are too many users trying to listen to that stream.

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