Stuttering when watching videos or listening to music.

By ndiraa ·
I have been trying to repair a clients laptop that begins stuttering when you watch videos or listen to music. The stuttering begins after about ten minutes. I have tried upgrading the OS from Win7 to Windows 10 in vain, VLC and Pot Player cannot play without stuttering,
Its a HP with 4GB RAM, Intel Pentium Processor CPU 3825U @ 1.90 Ghz. Thanks in advance,

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Windows 10 might be too much for this hardware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Stuttering when watching ...

They recommend a Dual Core 2.5 Gig CPU and so on but looking a the obvious things here what is the temp of the CPU when this starts?

I would bet that it is getting hot enough to have the BIOS slow it down to protect it so you may need to change the BIOS Settings to a Higher Temp, clean out the CPU Heatsink and air ducts for cooling and fit a Cool Pad to help the thing quite a bit.

Just guessing here but from what you have described it sounds like a Heat Issue and that's about all I can suggest.

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