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This is the place where we get straight skinny, isn't it?

Not just rehash of what has been already said?

Chad? Michael? You on this?

I've been reading everything I can find. A raise of the bar and foreboding, it is.

Quite possibly somebody here had something to do with <a href=";results">it</a>, not that I would expect you to be outright about it.

Maybe, though, an anonymous hint, a la WikiLeaks.

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Like I said

by santeewelding In reply to Mark

Reading everything about it, including at the outset Mark's piece on SCADA, and, all the comments.

Now, though, it comes to bloom, with all sorts of ins and outs.

To include, quite possibly, somebodies here.

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What's it?

by seanferd In reply to Like I said

Silence? Creation?

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You catch me

by santeewelding In reply to What's it?

Immediately before bed.

In fact, I had already turned this thing off and gone to take a leak before retiring.

Turned it back on for an addendum. Suffered through a cable outage almost immediately, interfering with my posting.

This -- this 21st Century certainty of communication -- leaves me cold, in spite of an entreaty by (our) mutual friend that I "computerize" my business accounts.

No way. Pencil.

Hope this reaches you, given the uncertainties of the age; given the uncertainties, probabilities, relativities, and the absolute of what you ask.

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dependent singularities, too?

by bergenfx In reply to You catch me

Just wondering.

Oh, and could there be certainties in the mix?

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M is for

by seanferd In reply to You catch me


And I have just returned from a shower. No outages, though.

I like the indelible pencils of yore. Very common, once.

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Felt there was enough press

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to Stuxnet

And speculation to go around.

I would rather wait and do an in-depth analysis after sufficient fact-checking.

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by seanferd In reply to Stuxnet

<i>Ralph's theory -- completely speculative from here

It is hard to ignore the fact that the highest number of infections seems to be in Iran. Can we think of any reasonable target that would match the scenario? Yes, we can. Look at the Iranian nuclear program. Strange -- they are presently having some technical difficulties down there in Bushehr. There also seem to be indications that the people in Bushehr don't seem to be overly concerned about cyber security. When I saw this screenshot last year ( I thought, these guys seem to be begging to be attacked. If the picture is authentic, which I have no means of verifying, it suggests that approximately one and a half year before scheduled going operational of a nuke plant they're playing around with software that is not properly licensed and configured. I have never seen anything like that even in the smallest cookie plant. The pure fact that the relevant authorities did not seem to make efforts to get this off the web suggests to me that they don't understand (and therefore don't worry about) the deeper message that this tells.

Now you may ask, what about the many other infections in India, Indonesia, Pakistan etc. Strange for such a directed attack. Than, on the other hand, probably not. Check who comissions the Bushehr plant. It's a Russian integrator that also has business in some of the countries where we see high infection rates. What we also see is that this company too doesn't seem to be overly concerned about IT security. As I am writing this, they're having a compromised web site ( that tries to download stuff from a malware site that had been shut down more than two years ago ( So we're talking about a company in nukes that seems to be running a compromised web presence for over two years? Strange. </i>

Scary, but entirely hilarious. Stoopid huminz.

Oops. Source:

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So this is

by AnsuGisalas In reply to LOLOLOL

EDIT:M is more likely, yes. M not giving a fluck about collaterals, and all...

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Last time

by seanferd In reply to So this is

They just used aircraft.

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