subdivide my network

By menonita4ever ·
hi, i have a 16 port router linksys rv016 , i have 13 computers connected to it... all sharing internet access with static ips...

how can i divide all my network into 4 subnetworks, so that each network could share files between his group only?

vlans? with windows xp? ipvn?

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does the RV016 support VLANs?

by CG IT In reply to subdivide my network

unless it supports VLANs with VTP and STP you can't VLAN.

only other way to create seperate broadcast domains is with routers.

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Separate networks

by Nirvaeh In reply to subdivide my network

You have to have a router for each network. The rv016 doesn't support VLANs. I would just put folder permissions on your server. That way, you can determine who can access what files. Hopefully you have a file server.

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