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By Rock Lobster ·
I run a small network (at home) for testing / learning functions. I am running Windows 2000 server that supports 5 networked systems for file / internet sharing, and it also serves as a mail server. I have a domain (, and all internet resources are bound to it. My question is: how do I set up the domain so that my mail server is located at I am also interested in setting up FTP this way (ie Thanks in advance for your help!

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by timwalsh In reply to Subdomain question

This is actually fairly simple (assuming you are hosting you own DNS).

In your DNS forward lookup table add alias records for mail and ftp.

Example (from New Resource Record window for Alias (CNAME):

Parent domain will automatically be filled in.
Alias name: mail (parent domain name will be appended if you don't add anything else)
Fully qualified name for target host: easiest way is to use the browse function to enter the name of the server hosting your email. The end result willbe something similar to "".

The end result is that anything directed to will get pointed to the correct server.

Follow the same process to create an alias for your ftp server.

You can have multiple aliases pointing to one server if a server performs multiple functions.

Hope this helps.

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