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By matthew.wade ·
I'm attempting to use the command line utility subinacl.exe found in the NT4 resource kit to replace a group with another in the ACE lists in ALL folders & subfolders on a shared resource. The issue I'm having is that the utility will only replace permissions at the first level of the directory tree and will not touch the subfolders. I am using the /subdirectories switch accompanied by the *.* field. Anyone familiar with this utility and know how to get around this?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Subinacl.exe

Technet Article I Q265360 talks about subinacl.exe and xcacls.exe. Subinacl changes the owner of a file/folder; xcacls changes the access permissions to whomever you feel like.
So, doing:
subinacl /subdirectories c:\winnt\profiles\*.* /setowner=administrator

Changes the owner of all directories to the administrator.
Far as I can tell, that should work just fine.
Then run Xcacls to set the permissions.

Here is a url to the doc:
(please remove spaces)

HOpe this helps.

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by matthew.wade In reply to Subinacl.exe

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