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By goode112334 ·
some told me their are two type of firewall one for software and one for hardware is this true

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by CG IT In reply to subject firewall

yes. there are software solutions e.g. Sonic Firewall or Norton. There are hardware solutions e.g. Cisco and also Symantec has a hardware firewall. heres a link to Symantec's applicance for Firewall security.

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by CG IT In reply to

note: spaces in the hyperlink will cause the link to not work. Visit enterprise business solutions, products & services, and look for Symantecs Gateway securiy 5400 series.

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by CG IT In reply to

I'll add this caveat to hardware and software firewalls. The term firewall was, and in many cases with 20 odd year experience IP folks, is an appliance. A piece of hardware. On the other hand is software, which in the not so distant past was considered "just" a "filter". Not a firewall. Marketing people, in their infinite wisdom, realized that the masses wouldn't have a clue of the distinction between a firewall and a port filter and they realized it was a heck of a lot simplier to use firewall to provide the masses a way to understand what the port filtering software does. So the line between an appliance firewall and a software port filter became so blurred that today the term firewall means either one.

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