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Subjective factors in US presidential race.

By highlander718 ·
I thought a little politics would give you a nice break :-). I am also interested in the opinion of mostly technologicaly educated people in the American politics.
OK, so to start I am not the bigest Obama fan to put it mildly. This year and at this point my preferences would be Clinton and than McCain rather than Obama.

To the point :

I read yesterday that the Obama campaign accused a senior Clinton adviser who said that ?Obama would not be where it is, if he wouldn?t be black? (approx. quote). They asked for the senior adviser?s resignation and generally made a big fuss out of it.

For me this is another example of the not so smart ideological and mostly theoretical battle Obama tries to win.

(And if we wouldn?t have political correctness, we wouldn?t have this discussion, controversy now, by the way.)

Of course, the lady did not mention or proved the opposite, it?s just outrageous to mention color in any discussion nowadays, isn?t it ?

The only problem is that Obama?s color is a FACT, and the influence of color, gender, religion, size, appearance, name, dog?s name, grandmother?s landscaper?s name - as small as it could be - are FACTS. We can definitely say that at least until now the fact that all the American presidents were white and male can be considered as a decisive factor for their election I am absolutely sure that at least a small portion of the American electorate do vote for Obama only because he is black, and that on the other side, at least one portion of the American electorate vote for Clinton because she is female.

So in my opinion, the angry Obama adviser had a very "not so clever" reaction, she should?ve instead point out (if she cannot keep quiet at all) that the situation would be the same with Clinton.

This just in :
"Exit polls (in Mississippi) showed a large racial divide in the primary, with massive support for Obama from African-Americans, even as a new race row further soured relations between the two camps"

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