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Subnet masks within a subnet

By aldogggg ·
Is VLSM the only way? I need to grant access for .175-.253 while denying acces to .1-.174 & .254 This is to be done on a web server mind you, not a router. Thanks, Alan.

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by aldogggg In reply to Subnet masks within a sub ...

I realize CIDR is also an there an alternative to these two? If not which would be best?

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So why not just deny access in software

by TomSal In reply to Subnet masks within a sub ...

From what I'm gleaming from the info you provided you only want .175 - .253 to be DENIED access to the webserver, while all other addresses would be GRANTED access to the webserver.

One problem is you don't tell us what software you are running for the webserver -- is it IIS or Apache for example?

In IIS you can very easily type in the address of nodes (stations) you want to DENY access to and BAM! - its done! The reverse is also true if you rather do it by only GRANTING access to certain addresses.

With IIS you do this through the MMC interface.

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by aldogggg In reply to So why not just deny acce ...

I need to grant access for that range and deny for any outside that range...the problem is if I can't find another way to do it, I need to take the time to enter each IP individually...which will take quite a while. Time that I don't have. We are preparing to move to Active I am focusing primarily on that.

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