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    by dcalver ·

    Please help we are stuck!

    The organisation currently running out of IP addresses as our devices on the network exceed 253. The question is what is the procedure in creating subnet on a Novell 6 NetWare network???

    I would be very grateful if you could help!!!

    Thank you in advanced for your kind help.


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      by bfilmfan ·

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      I would think it was the same as creating a subnnet on any other network. The subnet itself has nothing to do with the OS traffic running on it.

      Do you have access to the router so that you can either use VLSM or 10 class addresses?

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      by cg it ·

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      you take some bits from the host portion of the subnet mask and create a subnet. The # of bits you take depends upon how many subnets you need.

      An class C private IP address subnet mask of has 8 bits for the host address. Of those 8 bits you can steal some to create your subnets.

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      by tommymcbrayer ·

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      I am going to assume that you are using a 10, 172 or 192 private network with a subnet. I would change the subnets on any applicable servers, routers or switches to If you are using Netware DHCP then you can change the settings in there as well to reflect the new subnet. This will give you plenty of addresses.

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      by milena ·

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      I’m going to assume that you are currently using a class C network, hence the problem – you have 253 hosts and so your network addresses are nearly saturated.
      If this is an ‘official’ network, i.e. it’s address has been assigned to you and you are using the addresses to access the internet, then the time has come to re-address your internal hosts.
      Ranges of IP addresses for each class have been reserved for private network use – these addresses will not be routed over the internet:
      class c : –
      class b : –
      class a : –

      When renumbering your network, I would suggest that you allow for future expansion.

      In order to calculate the subnets you will use, you should use the calculators at

      If your network is already configured with addresses from the above ranges, then you will need to add another (or several) subnets to your LAN config. In this case, now is the time to take a look at you network design and perhaps think about subnetting.

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