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Can someone please tell me if there are any disadvantages to having one company on two subnets? For example, can remote software such as something like NetOp be at risk of working across two subnets? Thanks

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by S_H_A_N_E In reply to Subnets

There is no problem with having 2 subnets within a company, this is common practice to increase security and divide the network into more managable segments.
However to communicate between the 2 subnets you will need a router between them.

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by exoduz87 In reply to subnetting

as mentioned, it is very easy and a good idea. i have used 3 subnets at one location before.

but the main input i wanted to make was that the router can be done on the lan with not just special hardware routers, but also *nix and windows. so it doesn't have to be expensive.

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