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By sharon ·
We have a network with appoximately 300 nodes. We are currently set up with a class b subnet, and have our computers using 10.0.0.x, printers using 10.0.11.x, routers using 10.0.50.x, etc...

A consultant has come in and wants us to change our subnet mask back to a class C subnet, but keep our ip scheme the same. does this make sense?

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by gary In reply to subnetting


I assume your subnet mask is
This gives you 256 networks with 65,534 hosts per network.
A class C subnet mask will give you 65,536 NETWORKS with 254 hosts per network.

Depending on the number of hosts per subnet and your own feeling on this (as well as the consultants reasons for wanting to do this) it may be a good or bad idea.

That's something for you and the consultant to decide.

Gary Williams.

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by trockii In reply to subnetting

With only 300 total nodes both classes will work. It's easier to manage by networks than by hosts. Have low number of networks with high numbers of hosts or vice versa. How much expansion is planned for the future? That's another thing you want to consider. With a class C network there is greater flexibility for expansion. You could do networks by floors, buildings, and even rooms. Which would lead to easier management once again.

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by jarif93 In reply to subnetting

subnet mask = 254 hosts/subnet
subnet mask =65534 hosts/subnet
therfore class c subnet should be fine.
You can always change it if needed.

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by Greybeard770 In reply to subnetting

That class B network would mean you are using the 3rd octet of the IP address for descriptive purposes. If you go to a class C that would mean all your computers would be on one segment, all printers on another and I still wonder about your (do you mean hubs and switches?) routers. Using switches reduces your collision domains so having 300 nodes on the same subnet isn't necessarily a problem. Subnetting by floors or buildings tends to make more sense. Ask your consultant why they want to change.

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