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By william_robinson_us ·
why is subnetting important in networking?

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by gralfus In reply to subnetting

Sounds like a homework question in a basic networking course. Any particular problem you are dealing with regarding subnetting?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to subnetting

danger will robinson! get back! get back! a-a-a-hhhhh...(gurgle)

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by william_robinson_us In reply to subnetting

gralfus: I have an extra credit assignment in my routers I class. One of the questions is Why is subnetting important in networking? Just looking for some detailed information so I can relate it to a 1-2 page report.

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by chanmkr In reply to subnetting

Because as in seaching any address in city if y have definate address u will get address imedeately
in subnetting y can group people

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to subnetting

You can use subnetting to isolate locations. IE and can easily be seprated by subnetting

You can also use it to isolate hosts, where says your UNIX servers live on 10.40.40.x and you NT servers live on 10.40.41.x and your print servers on 10.40.42.x

The subnets can be filtered to disallow access to locations and resources. Some of the best and some might say boring stuff on this was done by MS. I seem to remember downloading a whitepage from there years ago that while I learned a lot from, also lived in the bedside cabinet, could drift you away a million times quicker than a Stephen King or Tom Clancy or anything basically. get a book, and a coffee, and do some reading

good luck

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by tariq_gu In reply to subnetting

Subnetting is very important in networking. Actually subnetting is the division of class A, Class B and C in to smaller pieces. Here we define that which part of the network contains the network address and which part of the address contain the host number. We define this by the help of network mask.

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by TomSal In reply to subnetting

This kind of sounds like you almost are looking for someone to do your homework for you....

However, subnetting is important because it allows for maximizing the use of your IP addresses.

Example: Say you have 3 departments, we'll call them A, B and C. If A needs 45 addresses, B needs 100 addresses, and C needs 10 addresses....subnetting allows you to :

1) Make efficient use of your IP addresses (so you don't waste say 90 addresses for A or 200 for B) ...

2) Allows easier management of your network. Its just good professional practice to keep your network well organized and documented; along with dividing up your ips via subnetting, many shops will also assign VLANs to separate functional groups (ie. Finance has a VLAN, IT has a VLAN, etc.) as well.

Note: That subnetting is really pretty much pointless on small networks. Its really useful for LARGE networks, where you MUST subnet - you have no choice.

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by eddiek In reply to subnetting

I reckon subnetting is to divide the network and break a very large network into smaller more efficient and manageable subnetwork . each subnetwork is in their own collision and broadcast domain, hence better performance cause you have fewer hosts connected to one subnet.

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by wlbowers In reply to subnetting

Come on. Just the word "Subnetting" in google got over 190,000 hits. The first three had great information.

You can get more information on subnetting and Ip addressing from a search engine than we could give you in 100 answers.

Good Luck in your class. We want you here answering technical questions in the furture.


PS. When I went through we didn't have internet.

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