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    by crescendo68 ·

    I am having a hard time understanding the concept of subnetting and IP address. Can anyone help me understand this or maybe point me in the direction of some video’s that I can purchase on this subject?

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      by bchoi9999 ·

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      Here are some sites to learn and practice subnetting:

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      Down and dirty explaination of what it means without saying

      by deadly ernest ·

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      how you do it:

      A local area network, or net, is your digital room; sub-netting is how you erect partitions to making smaller cubicles within the room, so you can do or store things in separate areas.

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      by rwatters ·

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      Don’t think you really need to buy anything, but if you’re looking for videos about what subnetting is and the “why,” of subnetting…. I’d always recommend going through some of the stuff at

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